I am a registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist with over two decades of experience in the Greater Toronto Area. My unique counselling and psychotherapy program options serve the needs of adolescents, adults, parents, and families through private, dyad (e.g. father-son), and group work.

  • Self-regulation difficulties (Self-control & Procrastination)
  • Stress, anxiety & depression
  • Anger, mood & low motivation
  • ADHD & Learning Disabilities (LD)
  • Gifted /Gifted LD profiles
  • High functioning ASD (Aspergers)
  • Other mental health-related issues (Problematic Digital Use)


You will receive skill-based therapy to improve and strengthen overall mental health and well-being. I will support you to develop:

  • Balance
  • Awareness & self-reflection
  • Motivation & persistence
  • Management of stress, anxiety & mood
  • Positive habits
  • Mastery, trust & psychological flexibility

Innovative program options include  Activity Integrated Mindfulness and Taming the Bull.

“I work to integrate the whole person – body, mind and brain and tailor my approach to meet your needs. My hope is that your unique personhood and situation is reflected back to you in the therapy.”  

Paul Badali, MSW, RSW
Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist