Interventions include mindfulness, meditation, exercise and physical activity, cognitive behavioural therapy, stress reduction techniques, lifestyle changes and more. For example, father-son dyads provide significant benefits to both clients and strengthen family relations.


Taming the Bull is a psychotherapy program developed to address self-regulation and a range of complex mental health issues.  The beginner program consists of 20 sessions generally over a 20-week period that blends therapeutic interventions including mindfulness, meditation, exercise (i.e. martial arts, yoga, spinning, core training), cognitive behavioural therapy and stories. Advanced group program is a 30 session format.

Activity Integrated Mindfulness is a therapeutic health and wellness program for younger adolescents  (12-14 year olds) and parents who want to improve general mental health and wellbeing to achieve a better balance in their lives.  It is a 10 session program and encourages principles of self-acceptance to support overall well-being.

The Mindful Warrior is a pilot project offered in offered in Newmarket at the Warrior Martial Arts Centre. It is currently not available. It was a martial arts based program for youth with attention and hyperactive difficulties, emotional regulation troubles, and anxious and/or angry temperaments.  Youth with these types of difficulties may have never had the opportunity to be part of a sports club. Many of these youth have previously been misunderstood by instructors/coaches who are unfamiliar with their particular temperaments. In the Mindful Warrior Program they found a home that strengthens youth protective factors while developing skills in areas of need.

Mindfulness/Meditation Groups are monthly sessions that promote healthy thinking and being for those who want to achieve a better balance in their lives.  These groups may complement existing individual and group psychotherapy.  The groups take place at 501 Eglinton Avenue East in Toronto.  


Paul is available upon request to speak about Experiential Exercise Psychotherapy and Activity Integrated Mindfulness programs including Taming the Bull and Mindfulness Martial Arts.  For further information please email or phone 647-229-7919.