About Services


Interventions include mindfulness, meditation, exercise and physical activity, cognitive behavioural therapy, stress reduction techniques, lifestyle changes and more. Modalities, such as father-son dyads, provide significant benefits to both clients and strengthen family relations. Activity based group work provides peer support and social psychotherapeutic patterns of encouragement to further skill building.


Taming the Bull is a psychotherapy program developed to address self-regulation and a range of complex mental health issues (i.e. problematic digital use & procrastination).  The beginner program consists of 20 sessions generally over a 20-week period that blends therapeutic interventions including mindfulness, meditation, exercise (i.e. martial arts, yoga, spinning, core training), cognitive behavioural therapy and stories. Advanced group program is a 30 session format.

Breaking the Procrastination Cycle is a therapeutic intervention that looks at the underlying factors contributing to this form of self-regulation failure. By examining the procrastination cycle, clients self-check in order to debunk the myth associated with this pattern of behaviour. By making room for uncomfortable feelings and thoughts, a space is created to facilitate getting things done.

Activity Integrated Mindfulness is a therapeutic health and wellness program for younger adolescents  (12-14 year olds) and parents who want to improve general mental health and wellbeing to achieve a better balance in their lives.  It is a 10 session program and encourages principles of self-acceptance to support overall well-being.