Taming The Bull

Taming the Bull (TTB) is an Experiential Exercise Psychotherapy program developed by Paul Badali. It is a unique approach to addressing a range of complex mental health and well-being issues and is offered through individual, family-dyad and group formats. It is suitable for individuals ages 12 and up who experience difficulty in self-regulation.

Shoju Rojin and the Yorimoto Samurai

TTB includes a contemporary story that consists of parables, told in the tradition of meditation and the Samurai, infused with psychotherapeutic interventions. A creative narrative is imaginatively interwoven with distinct therapeutic principles that encourage individuals to engage in strengthening self-regulation. The story presents the modern day lives of two troubled teens as they experience various life challenges.

The program invites the client to engage in a dynamic blend of exercise (martial arts, yoga and other activity), mindfulness, meditation, and interpersonal, cognitive and behaviour activation techniques in order to build self-regulation skills and resiliency. TTB integrates various forms of physical activity to strengthen protective factors while developing skills in areas of need. Individuals who have had previous difficulty engaging in therapeutic interventions and programs may find that participating in TTB will better serve their needs. The program is beneficial to individuals with attention and impulsivity difficulties, learning differences, anxious, angry and/or rigid temperaments, low muscle tone and body coordination difficulties.

What are the Benefits?

Taming the Bull will assist clients in the development of self-regulation, attention, anger management, increased motivation and decreased escape avoidance reactions. With this foundation clients come to experience improved social interaction, self-confidence and self-esteem resulting in an overall increase in resiliency. Clients will learn to better manage difficult and necessary challenges so that they can live a healthy, productive and balanced life.

How is this Accomplished?

Taming the Bull is a skills-based individual, family-dyad and advanced group program. The program sets the stage for areas of need to be met and new goals to be accomplished. A brief assessment and orientation is required for those who are interested in the program. This will allow both the therapist and client to consider the suitability of the program and the preferred modality (i.e. individual or family-dyad). Where suitable, individuals may transition to the advanced group format.

The beginner program consists of 20-weekly consecutive sessions that can be further developed in a subsequent advanced program. The advanced GROUP includes weekly 1½ hour sessions held on Wednesdays. The group program typically includes 6-10 clients where individuals will receive both personal attention and specialized focus on the development of core self-regulation skills. Group activities include meditation, martial arts (Jiujitsu and kickboxing targets) and yoga. Cost of 30-session advanced group program is referenced in the fees.

The beginner INDIVIDUAL format is a weekly one-hour therapy session privately arranged between the client and therapist. This format offers more individualized attention and flexibility in terms of both programming and scheduling. For example, the program can be tailored to only include yoga and calisthenics rather than martial arts. This option is recommended for individuals who may benefit from one-on-one psychotherapeutic support and is on a fee for service basis. From beginner through to advanced programming, whether individual, dyad and group format, clients will be gradually introduced to more sophisticated principles and encouraged to continue adopting mastery, trust and flexibility in their daily lives.

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